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Our Mission Statement

Having the freedom to worship God with surrender and submission; not power and control.

Having the freedom to be governed by His love; not by legalism, tradition, or religious law.

Having the freedom to step inside God’s veil; not feeling any guilt or self-condemnation.

Having the freedom to stand behind the cross of Jesus Christ; accepting God’s gift of His amazing grace!

 While we sojourn on this earth, we are to worship God, to be governed by God, to follow God

step by step, and to stand firmly in God, accepting His freedom through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!


Definitions of underlined words:

Worship: reverence or devotion for a deity: extreme devotion or intense love or admiration of any kind.

Governed: to exercise authority over; rule, administer, direct, control, manage: to influence the action or conduct of; guide; sway.

Step: the act of moving and placing the foot forward, backwards, sideways, up, or down, as in walking, dancing, or climbing.

Stand: to maintain one’s opinion, viewpoint, adherence, etc.; remain resolute or firm.

Image by Alicia Quan
What We Believe

Jesus is Lord

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